The Importance Of A Professional Translation

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture. 

Anthony Burgess, author of “A Clockwork Orange”


Not everybody can be a good translator. Even if one knows another language and is able to communicate in that language and translate certain phrases from one language into another, it does not automatically make them a good translator. Being a good translator takes time and lots of experience. You do not only have to be capable to translate the words, but also the cultural aspects that go with it. Every culture is different, so a good translation has to be intelligible for the readers of the target language and culture.

Our professional translators have been working in their field for many years. They realize that translation also means cultural adaptation. They know that you want to make sure that your business clients from overseas understand your documents without any cultural misunderstandings. Let us help you with your translation needs. Find out more here.

Experience the German Culture at the German Charity Gala in October 2014

Our Translation Manager Kai Schaefer -native German- who serves as a Treasurer of the The Texas German Day Council invites you to the annual German Charity Gala. The Texas German Day Council serves as an ‘umbrella’ organization for the many German groups in the North Texas area.

Once a year the TGDC organizes a Gala Celebration, the German Charity Gala, to bring together all those in the North Texas area who have a connection to Germany to celebrate and share German culture.


The German Charity Gala 2014 will hosted:

Saturday, October 4, 2014 from 6pm to Midnight

at the Intercontinental Hotel in Addison (15201 Dallas Pkwy, Addison, TX 75001)

 Find out more and join us at this unique event in October.


“What is their reward if they know when they are doing a great job, but no one is going to think of them?”

We listened to a very interesting interview last night on KERA radio talking about “The Men Behind The Curtain”. It covered people doing jobs that are invisible to most of us. We tend to take their work for granted. They also talked about the important role of interpreters starting at minute 7:35. Take a minute and listen to this. It shows how crucial it is in times of globalization that we have interpreters.

We at OneWorld Language could not be happier to have so many great interpreters on our team that we trust and who we can rely on.

Why Should You Invest In Professional Translation Service?

In this global business world, marketing and communication are very important to a business strategy. These tools allow companies to promote their products and services, to stand out from competitors, to keep good relationships with their customers, and even to reach out to new prospects. As the business world is becoming more and more global, the need to internationalize your marketing and communication is greater than ever to make your company grow. Translation services help you to reach out to international customers, a wider audience, and even prestigious overseas clients.

To reach out to foreign markets and customers it’s crucial to communicate in the language of the targeted client. A low-quality translation will give a bad impression of your company, while a good translation can make a huge difference in how potential clients see your business.

That is why having professional translators doing the job is really important. They are native speakers of the target language and will provide a high-quality job, taking grammar rules and colloquial phrases into account to make the content flow naturally.

You may need translation services in various types of material: articles, legal documents, websites, brochures, catalogs, videos and much more.

An accurate translation of all of these documents is critical to establish good communication with your customers and prospects. A good translation will facilitate an overseas business partnership or help expand market reach and sell to global consumers.

What we do:

At OneWorld Language Solutions, we have access to a huge pool of qualified translators, specializing in different languages and specific language pairs, who can provide you high-quality translations in many fields: marketing, law, general, engineering, health, technology and many more.

French Intern Adds International Touch To Dallas Office

As we mentioned in our last post, OneWorld Language will be hosting a new and ambitious intern from Charleville-Mézières in France. Meet Alice Jacques! This is her story:

“I am so excited to be a part of the OneWorld Language Solutions team! I see my internship with OneWorld as an opportunity to gain experience in management and administration, while working with some of the top national and international companies that need the expertise that my colleagues and I at OneWorld Language Solutions can provide.

Here is a quick introduction to my background. I am currently completing my last year in a Business and Management School in Charleville-Mézières,France, preparing a bachelor’s degree in Business. I am studying Marketing, Business, Management, Accounting, Foreign Languages (English and German), Law, Economy, International Business and similar courses.

To be able to graduate, I had to complete a three-month internship abroad, and since I love the American culture, I decided to do it in the USA, particularly in Texas.

So I started looking for internship offers and came across an internship offer at OneWorld Language Solutions, on the website of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Dallas. The assignments looked interesting, so I visited their website, and sought out this internship because the company’s profile was attractive to me. Mostly, it was the work that OneWorld Language Solutions does in language training, translation, interpreting and such for international and national companies. I hope this experience will be a professional springboard to hold a position in Management, Marketing or International Business after my graduation.

So far, the internship is going very well, and I have enjoyed my experience with the working team, which has provided me the attention that I need to develop into a future career. I have also loved my time in Dallas – it is a prosperous and attractive town, both culturally and professionally speaking, which is adding to my internship experience!”

OneWorld Language Will Welcome French Intern

Since OneWorld Language Solutions supports intercultural exchanges, we are regularly inviting foreign interns to support our Dallas office. In April 2014, OneWorld Languge will welcome Alice Jacque from Charleville-Mézières, France will assist our Training Manager Anne Muelder and Translation Manager Kai Schaefer with daily tasks.

We are excited to welcome another international intern at OneWorld Language.


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