Brain and Language Learning

The Human Brain and Language Learning

Are you sometimes tripping over your own words? Do you find it difficult to understand what someone says on a cocktail party? Do you have to concentrate very much to understand what that person with that foreign accent on TV is talking about?

Well, that is because of the way your brain is processing language! The human brain is something amazing. It is responsible for the whole coordination of our body which also includes our ability to speak. We are the only species on the planet that is able to use complex language and writing skills. These skills give us the opportunity to communicate very efficiently with others.

Left_and_Right_BrainOur brain is divided in two separate parts, called hemispheres. There is a right and a left one. The left hemisphere is also called the “logical brain” because it is the one that is involved in language and analysis. At least five regions in this area of our brain are involved in the process of speech. These include the Wernicke’s area and the Broca’s area which are considered to be the most important areas for language processing. The main function of the Wernicke’s area is the comprehension of language and the ability to communicate coherent ideas, whether it is vocal, written or signed. The Broca’s area is mostly involved in the production of speech. It is connected to our tongue, larynx and mouth. So, if we cannot remember a Spanish vocabulary or we can’t pronounce a word properly it is because of this part of our brain. Nothing is wrong with our tongue!

Wernickeges2As you can see language is a very complex and fascinating process. We deal with it every day even if we are not aware of it most of the time as it usually works automatically. But, in order to learn a new language for example it is helpful to know that our brain is playing the main part in the learning process. Therefore, we can sometimes trick our brain in order to get better learning results. You might have heard of the trick of making words you want to memorize into a song. It is often easier to remember the lyrics of a whole song than to remember ten new individual words.


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