Language Training & Accent Reduction

Are you interested in learning a new language? Do you want to refresh your knowledge? Do you wish to reduce your accent with the help of a professional instructor? Then you should contact OneWorld Language.

We offer completely customized language training and accent reduction in any language throughout the U.S. to meet your specific needs and preferences. No matter if you are busy and can only have classes in the evening or on the weekends, or if you prefer to have classes during your lunch break at the office, we will always try to accommodate your wishes. You can decide how many hours per week you want to spend on the language training.

We offer six levels of language training (Beginner I and II, Intermediate I and II, Advanced I and II). It takes 30 hours to complete each level. All of our teachers are native speakers of the language and have at least 3-5 years of teaching experience.

Classes can be held at your home or office.

Overview of our Language Training:

  • Customized classes
  • Nationwide
  • 30-hour program to complete each level
  • 6 different levels
  • Classes can be held at your home or office
  • One-on-one training for private clients
  • One-on-one and/or group classes for corporate clients

Jennifer Newton

Jennifer Newton

Training Coordinator

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