Our Services

OneWorld Language Solutions offers you and your business comprehensive multilingual services.

With our services you will be able to improve your own or your employees’ language skills by developing a completely customized teaching schedule for you with one of our highly-skilled and experienced instructors across the United States. In addition, we help you to market to and serve your international audience and clientele with translation services from and into literally any language.

Language Training

Join customizable individual and group classes taught by experienced instructors throughout the U.S. to jump-start or improve your language skills, or to reduce your accent.

Translation & Transcription

High-quality, cost-effective, and quick translation and transcription services for your multilingual, international and multicultural marketing and documentation needs.

Interpreting Services

Break through language barriers with our Interpreting Service to communicate with clients or business partners who do not speak your language.

Voice-Over & Subtitling

Internationalize your media (films, commercials, videos, or instructions) by adding a native voice or foreign subtitles to it.