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Gabriele Hayes

Founder/ Director

Gabriele Hayes was born in Jena, a university town and home of Carl Zeiss Jena, outside of East Berlin. She was never permitted to leave East Germany until a few days before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Her request to exit with her American husband, Mark, was finally granted as the country came apart in November 1989. Mrs. Hayes left Jena with a degree in Russian and English and headed for New York. After experiencing a culture shock, she and her husband relocated to Dallas, Texas, where she put her linguistic skills to work.

In 1990, Mrs. Hayes founded OneWorld Language Solutions and acquired renowned clients such as Nestlé, Texas Instruments, Epson America, Nash Entertainment, Mary Kay, Weichert Workforce Mobility, Somnio and more.

Mrs. Hayes is also Director of OWLS Media, a newly created company that produces documentaries and short films.

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Chloe Endert

Training Coordinator

Chloe Endert is the Training Coordinator at OneWorld Language. She arranges the language and accent reduction training for both corporate and private clients. She works closely together with language teachers and the students to ensure highly successful language training.

Chloe graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M University with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Spanish. She holds a TESOL—Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages—Certificate and taught English in Barcelona for two years. She is passionate about foreign language acquisition and learning about new cultures.

Patricia Caron - Translation Manager

Patricia Caron

Translation Manager

Patricia Caron is the Translation Manager at OneWorld Language. She is responsible for coordinating and managing all requests related to translation, transcription and interpreting.

Patricia is from Takoma Park, Maryland just outside of Washington D.C. She received her B.A. in Spanish Translation with a minor in Italian Culture from the University of Maryland in College Park. She has worked with languages and cultures in many capacities with such companies as Berlitz International and National Geographic Television. Patricia was raised speaking Spanish by her Uruguayan mother and has also studied French, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. She has experienced the benefit of being multi-lingual and truly enjoys helping facilitate communication when there are language barriers.

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